Anglesey Pest Control specialists in pest bird management
Birds of prey which are trained for managing pest birds is highly effective and proven to be successful.

Pest Bird Control and Expert Avian Management – Anglesey and North Wales

Are you looking for Pest Bird Control and Expert Avian Management on Anglesey or in North Wales?

We can offer a highly professional, reliable and sustainable solution to your pest or nuisance bird problems.

The use of Raptors (birds of prey) which are trained for managing birds which have become pests. It is a highly effective method which has been proven to be successful over many years.

It is also an environmentally friendly method which avoids using poisons and traps and yet it targets the issues created by these birds very accurately.

Anglesey Pest Control offers a highly professional and reliable service, which has been developed with over twenty years of experience in working with birds of prey.

We go about solving the pest infestation issues an accurate analysis of birds which are present, their habits and their inter-action with the target environment.

Birds of prey to resolve pest and nuisance bird problems.

Our experience shows that each problem location and the species of birds which have occupied the location will have unique features.

A sustainable solution will require a diagnosis of the specific location to ensure a the removal of the nuisance birds. We are able to draw on a selection of birds and years of experience to address any situation and provide a lasting result.

As a result each intervention has to be planned on a site specific basis with a selection the most appropriate birds of prey to resolve the problem.

Anglesey Pest Control has a number of birds that we work with including hawks and falcons.

Bird species and environments which can be effectively managed:

Manage pest Starlings in urban and rural environments


Common Starlings in parks, squares, gardens and boulevards used as collective dormitories. Starlings can also be a nuisance in agricultural and rural environments which we can remedy with the use of trained Falcons and Hawks.

Eliminate Pigeons and Doves – without harming them.


Pigeons and Domestic Doves inside and outside buildings, stables, factories and public spaces.

Stop pest and nuisance Seagulls in town centres.


If Seagulls have become a pest or nuisance problem on general buildings, restaurants, retail outlets, warehouses, photovoltaic systems and landfills. Environments include urban spaces in cities and towns, industrial sites and commercial sites, for example shopping centres. We can discourage and scare off these nuisance Seagulls with our trained raptors – without causing any harm to the Seagulls.

Magpies and Crows can be a nuisance – they can be effectively managed without any harm.


Corvids – including nuisance Magpies and Crows outside and inside warehouses, in gardens, retail outlets, commercial property, industrial sites and public parks. We can help to prevent them being a pest problem with the appropriate bird of prey – this method employs natural laws, without harming any animals.

Herons and Cormorants can be problematic at fishing facilities.


Herons and Cormorants which present a problem can be managed in fishing facilities and lakes used for sport fishing. The presence of birds of prey will keep them away from the facility.