Nuisance and Pest Bird Control in Anglesey and North Wales

The use of trained birds of prey is a highly effective and environmentally friendly method of managing birds which have become a pest problem. Typical environments would include pest or nuisance birds at retail outlets and other commercial and industrial sites.

Bird Control for agriculture and farming North Wales
Traditional falconry methods used to control nuisance birds at typical industrial and commercial sites.

Professional Bird Control Services for Industrial and Commercial sites on Anglesey and in North Wales.

Anglesey Pest Control provides professional bird control services for Industrial and Commercial sites as well as Agriculture and Farm sites. We use traditional falconry methods to control nuisance birds at typical commercial, industrial, agricultural and farm sites.

This includes eradicating the presence of birds that can present hygiene and other problems.

For agricultural applications falconry can be used for the protection of valuable crops from gulls and starlings as well as feeds and storage in warehouses and barns.

Trained falcons and hawks to scare off nuisance birds.

“Falconry based bird control” is the use of trained falcons and hawks to intimidate and scare off nuisance birds which cause loss of revenue for crop growers and loss of valuable feeds to birds nesting in barns and warehouses.

Very often the presence of the raptor is enough to deter and intimidate the prey species. It’s a natural predator and prey relationship that evolution has programmed them to avoid.

Historically, everything from netting, scarecrows, horns, propane cannons, flares, screamers, bird bombs, shotguns and poisons have been used, but yet the birds find ways to adapt to these inferior methods.

Quiet, discrete, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Falconry based nuisance bird control is quiet, discrete, organic, eco-friendly and very sustainable. The objective is not killing the nuisance birds, but scaring them off the premises.